Friday 24 August 2012


All the Jeeva (and the jeeva are many,not one),in Shri Vallabh’s thought,are equal,since all are equally part of Brahma,however in order to perform the divine leela,that play that is beyond human consideration,Shri Thakurji manifest some jeeva with potential, different with potential of other jeeva.The jeeva fall according to Shri Vallabh,in to three categories.
One is the “Pushti” (well nourished,complete,blessed with Shri Thakurji’s anugrah). The second is the “Maryada”,(those within the limits of the action required by the Veda),and third is the “Pravah” (those in the streams or current (Pravah) of continuous action.

Each type of jeev follows the course of life named after it’s particular type ; the Pravaah jeev follow the Pravaah Marg,the Maryada jeev follow the Maryada Marg,the Pushti Jeev follow the Pushti Marg. The Pushti Jeev and Maryada Jeev are together called Daivi Jeev (divine souls,that have the potential for uddhara) by Shri Vallabh. It was for the uddhara of these Daivi Jeev that Shri Vallabd and Shri Gusainji appeared on earth. The Pravaah Jeev are demonic (aasur)and have little potential for uddhara; there are two kinds of demonic (pravaah) jeev; those that are knowingly evil and those that are unknowingly evil. The later ones have atleast little hope of uddhara by Satsang and Prabhu-Guru kripa.Pushti Jeev has originated from body of Shri Krishna,there is great deal of significance in the origin of Pushti Jeev. The body of Shri Krishna is not made of ordinary , destructible material, but is made of the “anand” portion of his being and is, therefore, is the essence of eternal delight. Those who are part of the Pravah Marg crave riches and sensual pleasures on earth, those who follow the Maryada Marg live in expectation of the of the rewards that the veda promises in heaven, or else find austere union with akshara Brahma. But those who follow the Pushtimarg are satisfied only with direct experience or the anand they get from the seva of Shri Krishna. According to Shri Vallabh there are three forms of seva,the first is done by the body,the second is done by means of wealth and the third is Maansi seva,the natural effortless flowing of the thoughts to Shri Thakurji.Of these three, all of which are to be practiced, Shri Vallabh teaches that Maansi seva is it’s own reward (Fal), one who does Maansi seva of Shri Thakurji does not desire anything more , because by Shri Prabhu kripa he is already experiencing the Fal.

The act of Pooja according to Shri Vallabh is a giving of an offering to the God in expectation of receiving a reward from the Divine. In doing Pooja one does not think of the comfort of the divinity except in that the giving the something beneficial to the God will bring God’s aid to the giver. Seva on the other hand is service (Seva), selfless service to the God, simply because it is the duty and the delight of man to serve the divine, and not because of desire for some benefit from the Divine (Shri Thakurji).

“Poshnam Tat Anugrah "

This phrase which means “the anugrah (grace) of Shri Thakurji is poshan . Shri Vallabh considers anugrah and pushti to be synonymous, both refer to the Divine grace, which is the only source of support for the jeev,the only source of strength for the jeev,and the only means by which the jeev can successfully reach the goal of the Pushtimarg, which is eternal association with Shri Thakurji in his leela.


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