Tuesday 14 August 2012

Shri Vallabh

        Shri Vallabhacharyaji was the initiator of Pushtimarga-the path of divine grace of God-as well as the founder of Shhudhadvaita-the Vaishnav school of thought which believed in pure non-duailsm.
        In the path shown by Shri Vallabh one could achieve salvation or Mukti only through the devotion to Lord Shri Krishna,who is the creator of the universe as well as who is omnipresent in each and every molecule of this universe.Shri Vallabha told the world that Shri Krishna was the supreme being and so there was nothing we could give to him Him so as to please Him.The only thing a mere living being could do was to serve Lord Krishna whereby he could please Lord Krishna and get blessings and could get out of the Sansar which is created around him and is misleading him.

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